Thursday, January 7, 2010

Team Nica photos


  1. Team Nicaragua,

    Your stories are inspirational and humbling. Keep your spirits high and remind yourself that your presence there is not only educational for yourselves but as ambassadors from the US you represent something to the people of Nicaragua, something beyond that of simple humanitarian outreach. You all represent hope. The reality of poverty is astounding world wide and sometimes it may be difficult for those living in these conditions to "dream" of any other life. But your efforts there will not go unnoticed, and will undoubtably be life changing (on both ends). I am sure I can speak on behalf of everyone's family and friends when I say that we are all very proud of all of you. Learn as much as you can, be safe, and most important keep up the great work! I look forward to hearing more of your posts and will continue to follow you along your journey :)

    Kimberly (Paul's cousin)

  2. Hi Team Nica!!! Im glad everyone got to meet Paul finally : ) I like to keep him to myself! just kidding! Im a truly happy that you individuals can experience something so powerful and amazing.. I know that each and everyone of you will come back an even better individual. I know many Americans know of what we believe are "hard time". However what the Team is seeing and can teach us is a new level and understanding of "hard times" I hope everyone is safe!!! We miss you all!!

    Paul- LOVE THE PICTURE UPTOP!! THATS MY WHITE TRASH POLACK!! in your ginny lol I love you and miss you so much hurry home!!

    _ Love you all Dana!!

  3. The pictures and stories are wonderful. Keep them coming. Enjoy the rest of your journey, keep your spirits up and be safe.

    I love and miss you Paul.

    Love Elfi Pomykala