Friday, January 8, 2010

"The Quiet Weekend"

This weekend will be quiet, only in regard to our capability to contact the outside world. Our experiences will be loud, bright, colorful, I'm sure, because this morning the Team is driving to Matagalpa, in the hills of Nicaragua. We are jumping on the bus very soon and will drive for 3 hours, and will arrive in the city of our home-stays; Matagalpa. We will be living with selected families of  this community, visiting the coffee plantation etc.. CEPAD has been acting as our temporary home; therefore we are all unsure what the new region will bring. Monday is when we will return to CEPAD and I'm sure the blogs will be flourishing, with stories of our stays.

The experience thus far has been amazing eye opening, and I am so grateful to be here and meet such wonderful people. It's great to feel inspired and the next part is to try to use these feelings for action back home. To all of our family and friends, we love you and will talk Monday.



  1. Team Nica 2010, Today's Baby Bommers claim that the Me/X generation has failed to exhibit a firm comitment with regard to the social, enviromental and political plight facing individuals inhabiting this planet.
    Clearly Team Nica's individual/group blog entries appear to dispel this general belief that self centered interests is the trade mark of the younger generation. Kudo's to the Team,who have collectively bonded together to form the nucleus of a social ,emotional and cognitive network which has provided the strenth necessary for the team to persevere and sustain focus during the reflective phase of this journey.Each submitted individual /group blog has illustrated an emergent cognizance of the power of the human spirit. You have all rather quickly put on hold your collective self interests which has afforded each of you the opportunity to experience the human condition beyond the scope of academia, beyond the confines of your comfort zone and in some instances beyond how you define your purpose as human beings. With each passing day,and new experience, Team Nica is developing a stronger more mature appreciation of the human condition.

    Keep the spirit going fellow humanitarians!

    Love,Gary "R",Mom and the Brothers
    (Heather's family}

  2. Hey Team you guys are performing a great and noble service. And I'm sure its a great learning experience. I really enjoy reading all the posts and keeping up with your travels.Keep up the good work guys.

    -Love Bry

    P.S. Heather, (in regards to your video post)this is not burlesque show, let's try to keep it together please.