Thursday, January 7, 2010


Just a few moments ago I was blessed with the experience of going into a community where the people were filled with joy and hope. Our time there was gain awareness of what as happening to the people and what they are trying to get done for the betterment and quality of their life.
In the community there are 600 men women and children living together in harmony. They are the people affiliated with the banana plantations of northern Nicaragua. They have been there for three years under circumstances that people like me are completely unfamiliar with. I want to take the time to give thanks to their community and their people for allowing us in to witness their lifestyle.
It seems through their underprivileged nature they would be less happy then most would think. This is totally untrue. I have seen the warmest people in my life here in these living quarters. That is the most important thing to me and the rest of the delegation here. Appreciation for what they have.
The leader of the community is Guillermo. He is there to try and get the people what the need to survive. These people have the hardship of illness from working with a pesticide from the banana plantation. He and the rest of the community are working to get help from the major companies from the United States through meeting and awareness. Even though they are unaware of the outcome this will lead them to they can still be hopeful that it will bring them better conditions.
Finally I would like to add that our delegation was emotionally devastated by what we had witnessed. This was one of the most difficult things to see so far. I my self plan to take what I have seen and let others know the passion these individuals possess. It is my humble responsibility to see the love that these people have and push it forward to create something better, for me and for the world.

-Mike Hrubos

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  1. team nica 2010:
    you are leaders, lovers, do-ers and most of all, INSPIRATION.

    i think the most empowering part of this whole project, as i read these blogs each day is the shrinking of planet earth. we all breath the same air, we all look up at the same sun, we all drink from the same oceans. as mark had said in one of his posts, we are all HUMAN BEINGS. we should learn to forget about the lines drawn over lands. we are all citizens of planet earth. i know that its been said over and over, in different ways.

    but i feel that as the team truly immerses itself into the nica culture and this developing nation's way of life, others can be touched by the reality of this statement.
    it all comes down to one simple thing.

    love the earth, love each other. learn grow and change.

    keep going guys! live out every second to its fullest.

    of course i'm excited for your return. especially for mikey, misssss yoooooouuuuu.

    peace always,